Zion Word Church Inc. was founded in 1990 by Dr. Randy L. Davis who serves as full time pastor. He established Zion Word Ministries International headquartered at the church in Anderson, Missouri USA.

Dr. Davis was born in Caldwell, Idaho on March 24, 1953. He grew up on a small farm in Powell, Missouri.  On October 1, 1971, he married Treby Murray and they have since resided in Southwest Missouri until this day. Dr. Davis served in the armed forces for three years and was honorably discharged from the Military Police in 1976. When not busy with the daily challenges of full-time ministry and missions, he enjoys his daily walks, spending time with his family, and building his DocRoc custom guitars as a hobby.

Dr. Davis became a born again Christian in 1977. He answered God’s call to preach later in 1978 and immediately began his theological studies while serving in the fivefold ministry. He completed his undergraduate studies at Crowder College, Ozark Bible Institute, and the International Gospel Assemblies Institute. In 1999, he completed an earned Ph.D. in Theology and Biblical Studies from the University of Christian Studies and Seminary of Eagle River, Alaska.

Dr. Davis is an ordained minister of the Independent Assemblies of God International and the Until That Day Ministries International. He is a certified teacher through the Accrediting Commission International.  His ministry primarily operated as Randy Davis Ministries until the formal incorporation of Zion Word Church.

Although located in a small community, Zion Word Church is nonetheless mighty as students of the doctrine of the Word of God; a small group that is powerful in spirit. Dr. Davis’ responsibilities within the church are extensive. In addition to the day to day pastoral duties, he ministers at least twice a week from the pulpit and plays lead guitar for the praise and worship services

Dr. Davis is also a published author.   His personal commentary called “New Testament Commentary” is available in paperback and also as a downloadable digital eBook in most online stores such as: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million.  The recently published eBook “The Finished Work of Christ” is now online as well. Other unpublished writings in booklet form include: “The Believer’s Jump Start” (now translated into 5 languages) and “The Holy Ghost for Believer’s Only."

In other settings outside of Zion Word, Dr. Davis is serving on the University of Christian Studies and Seminary (UCSS) board of directors as Senior Chancellor.  UCSS is located in Eagle River, Alaska of which Zion Word Church is a college branch available for those doing independent Biblical studies.  He is a certified Doctoral Therapist, and serves on the UCSS Board of Examiners for “The Agency for Excellence in Christian Counseling (AECC)”.

As an apostle to Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda,  he has made several trips to that region with our USA missionaries and elders to teach and ordain ministers. We are now in preparations for a ministry trip to Zambia within the next year. The responsibility is great, and only God can call and equip for the tasks before us!

About Us

Dr. R. L. Davis  


Ministry & Educational Credentials

Holds an earned Doctorate Degree of Theology and Biblical Studies

Senior Chancellor on the board of the University of Christian Studies and Seminary of Eagle River, Alaska

Board member of the University Board of Examiners of the Agency for Excellence in Christian Counseling (AECC)

Certified Doctoral Therapist

Certified Theology Instructor

36 years of ministry experience